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The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

A job interview is one of the most stressful situations you have to endure. But remember the keyword on Clark Search: growth! With the best tips, you will be able to achieve growth for you and your desired employer.

Preparation is key

preperation - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

You must go over the typical job interview questions and practice your answers. Strong answers are the ones that are simultaneously concise and specific.

They should emphasize your skills and be backed by examples from your academic and professional life. Remember that, although they are practiced, your answers should come off naturally.

While you talk about why you should be the chosen candidate, explain how your set of skills perfectly matches the requirements for the job.

While you should definitely try to highlight your strengths throughout the interview, you should never dodge a question or answer vaguely just to keep talking about them. Active listening is essential. An interview is a two-way conversation. Not a pitch of your skills.

It’s perfectly acceptable for you to ask questions as well. In fact, it’s encouraged. Preparing your own questions shows that you are interested and have initiative.

Research about the company

Research - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Your homework doesn’t end when you have the answers prepared. You need to research the company and the industry in which it operates. It is extremely likely that the interviewer asks you what you know about the organization.

That’s your chance to shine and show that you have gathered relevant information about the employer.

Even if the interviewer doesn’t ask the question directly, you should definitely try to find the right moments to articulate your data on the business activity into the conversation.

For instance, you could introduce sentences like: “I have read that the company went through operational changes last year. It’s great to see that you adapt successfully, which is something I work hard to do. I believe my skills totally match the new methods you’ve implemented.”

Never forget to be completely familiar with the company’s mission, vision, values, culture and milestones. That’s what you should emphasize when the interviewer asks you why you have applied for a position in the team.

Get ready timely

cv - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

A few days in advance, you should pick your outfit for the interview and tidy it up. You should also print out additional copies of your resume, as well as of your cover letter and reference letter if you have those. Choose a simple notepad and have at least two pens.

Plan the shoes you will wear and how you will style your hair. Consider the traffic patterns at the time of the interview so you know when to leave to arrive early. And decide how to get to the location.

Having everything planned out will make you feel in control of the situation and significantly less anxious. Even more, on the day of the interview, you will be able to use your brain activity to go over what to say, instead of using it on last-minute decisions.

If you keep focused on how your contribution will drive business growth, you are sure to ace your interview!

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