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Featured06 Companies to Recruit - 2 Tips for Companies to Recruit the Best Possible Candidates

2 Tips for Companies to Recruit the Best Possible Candidates

If you are a business executive, you know that one of the main factors for growth in sales and for the overall growth of your company is the team that works with you daily.

For that reason, you need to guarantee that you recruit the best possible candidates. Those who have a set of skills that will match the needs of your business and help it grow. Learn how you can do just that.

Expand your pool of candidates

candidates - 2 Tips for Companies to Recruit the Best Possible Candidates

If you only recruit candidates who deliver you their resume or answer to a vacancy online, you may actually be ignoring a huge percentage of excellent professionals. Here is how you can expand your pool of candidates.

Develop partnerships with colleges, human resources agencies and headhunters. Meet potential candidates at conferences and other industry events. Scan online job sites for interesting resumes.

Place ads on websites or magazines of professional associations to find more specialized employees. And of course, browse LinkedIn and other social media networks to search for strong candidate profiles.

You should have a solid network of candidates available even before you actually need to fill in a position.

Build a reputation for being a great employer

employer - 2 Tips for Companies to Recruit the Best Possible Candidates

The old saying teaches that to have a friend you need to be a friend. Well, to have a good employee you need to be a good employer.

Let candidates know that you are a great company to work in. For that, you need to build your reputation and your brand. If employees have the wish to work for you, that’s half the battle to assure they will be committed, productive and loyal.

To implement a strong recruitment strategy, you need to look from the inside out. What are your practices in terms of motivation, flexible working conditions, rewards, retention, promotions and work-life balance?

If your business genuinely creates a good working atmosphere and knows how to promote it, rest assured that the most talented candidates will come knocking on your door.

These are just two of the golden rules to make sure you grow alongside your excellent new employees.

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Featured05 Food and Drug Administration - What You Should Know About the Fertility App that Got Clearance from the Food and Drug Administration

What You Should Know About the Fertility App that Got Clearance from the Food and Drug Administration

Fertility apps are one of the biggest health trends, especially in Europe and America. These businesses have been growing massively. And while they are heavily criticized by some, more and more women have been adopting these systems.

In fact, during the second half of last year, one of those fertility apps got clearance from the US FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. The app is called Natural Cycles. And the FDA decision has been one of the most polemics and contested to date.

Has the objective judgement of the FDA been blurred by the successful growth of fertility apps? Or do they actually constitute a healthy, safe and efficient option for women?

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles - What You Should Know About the Fertility App that Got Clearance from the Food and Drug Administration

The Natural Cycles app lets women know when they are fertile based on their body temperature.

It is the first ever contraceptive app to be cleared by the FDA. Many people fear that the decision sets a precedent for multiple undertested apps of the kind to take over the market.

Natural Cycles has not been tested with the same level of scrutiny as the IUD or the contraceptive pill.

In fact, before the app got clearance, several women in Europe had already shared that they got unwanted pregnancies because of the app misreading the data.

Natural Cycles doesn’t require any medical intervention. The only piece of information that the app collects is body temperature.

De Novo Classification

The clearance of Natural Cycles comes in the context of a broader, likely riskier push for more relaxed health standards that has been making the rounds since 1997.

The De Novo process was implemented with the intent of clearing new types of medical devices. Although it has been challenged with opposition and bureaucracy over the past decades, in 2017, the FDA allowed for a less rigorous De Novo classification.

That year, 30 new health devices were cleared by the administration. In 2018, that number was surpassed.

If a health business is growing exponentially in popularity and sales, does it mean it is all set for an FDA clearance? It looks like it.


Investigation - What You Should Know About the Fertility App that Got Clearance from the Food and Drug Administration

By the time Natural Cycles got clearance in the USA, the app was being investigated for exaggerating its efficiency. 37 women reported unwanted pregnancies. And that was just in one single Swedish hospital.

The studies that the business published were conducted by the own company, which obviously profits from promoting positive results. So, the accuracy of the conclusions is extremely fragile.

Additionally, several factors besides fertility affect body temperature. They include medication, sickness and drinking habits.

As you can see, there is much involved that makes the clearance of Natural Cycles such a polemic decision from the FDA. The fact is that, efficient or not, the app and others of the type keep growing at a strong pace.

Featured04 Job interview - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

A job interview is one of the most stressful situations you have to endure. But remember the keyword on Clark Search: growth! With the best tips, you will be able to achieve growth for you and your desired employer.

Preparation is key

preperation - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

You must go over the typical job interview questions and practice your answers. Strong answers are the ones that are simultaneously concise and specific.

They should emphasize your skills and be backed by examples from your academic and professional life. Remember that, although they are practiced, your answers should come off naturally.

While you talk about why you should be the chosen candidate, explain how your set of skills perfectly matches the requirements for the job.

While you should definitely try to highlight your strengths throughout the interview, you should never dodge a question or answer vaguely just to keep talking about them. Active listening is essential. An interview is a two-way conversation. Not a pitch of your skills.

It’s perfectly acceptable for you to ask questions as well. In fact, it’s encouraged. Preparing your own questions shows that you are interested and have initiative.

Research about the company

Research - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Your homework doesn’t end when you have the answers prepared. You need to research the company and the industry in which it operates. It is extremely likely that the interviewer asks you what you know about the organization.

That’s your chance to shine and show that you have gathered relevant information about the employer.

Even if the interviewer doesn’t ask the question directly, you should definitely try to find the right moments to articulate your data on the business activity into the conversation.

For instance, you could introduce sentences like: “I have read that the company went through operational changes last year. It’s great to see that you adapt successfully, which is something I work hard to do. I believe my skills totally match the new methods you’ve implemented.”

Never forget to be completely familiar with the company’s mission, vision, values, culture and milestones. That’s what you should emphasize when the interviewer asks you why you have applied for a position in the team.

Get ready timely

cv - The 3 Ultimate Tips for a Successful Job Interview

A few days in advance, you should pick your outfit for the interview and tidy it up. You should also print out additional copies of your resume, as well as of your cover letter and reference letter if you have those. Choose a simple notepad and have at least two pens.

Plan the shoes you will wear and how you will style your hair. Consider the traffic patterns at the time of the interview so you know when to leave to arrive early. And decide how to get to the location.

Having everything planned out will make you feel in control of the situation and significantly less anxious. Even more, on the day of the interview, you will be able to use your brain activity to go over what to say, instead of using it on last-minute decisions.

If you keep focused on how your contribution will drive business growth, you are sure to ace your interview!

Featured03 pharmaceutical - The 2 Main Market Trends that Are Driving Layoffs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The 2 Main Market Trends that Are Driving Layoffs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sometimes, growing a business implies letting many of its employees go. The pharmaceutical industry is a perfect example.

Mergers and acquisitions

As in any other industry, mergers and acquisitions are a powerful driving force of temporary or permanent layoffs in the pharmaceutical industry.

When any two pharma or biotech companies merge, the departments can shrink to almost half the size. In addition, 50% of the professionals who were head of a department lose their position, as there is no need for two heads of marketing, finance or research and development, just to cite a few examples.

For better or for worse, layoffs are a natural consequence of the effort to maximize efficiency, reduce bureaucracy and eliminate unnecessary levels in the chain.

In fact, mergers and acquisitions are happening at an unprecedented pace in the pharma industry. So, thousands of jobs will continue being lost in the upcoming years.

In 2014, the giant Amgen registered around 4,000 layoffs. The subsidiary Onyx Pharmaceuticals was one of the most affected companies. And a facility in San Francisco was closed.

Although these layoffs deeply impact individuals and families, it gives the company groups an opportunity to better allocate human resources. When the trend was for each organization to work on its own, many departments were packed with an excessive number of employees.

Now, manufacturing, R&D and sales teams are the main targets of downsizing. Many times, though, it highly contributes to an increase in efficiency.

Shifts in the customer base

Pharmaceutical sales teams have been famously known as one of the biggest and most widespread marketing forces in the world. However, that reality is rapidly changing.

Sales forces have been heavily slashed over the last few years. Dozens of thousands of sales representatives have lost their jobs. There are several causes for this issue.

First off, nowadays patents for medications and pharmaceutical marketing procedures are much more scrutinized and regulated. Some companies have been in the midst of legal battles for unethically mass promoting drugs which overuse could even lead to death.

Also, the customers’ attitude and buying patterns have completely changed. Before, people relied solely on the opinions and the prescriptions of their doctor to buy medication. The aim of the sales forces was to persuade as many doctors as possible to recommend their company’s products.

Now, patients are much more informed and have much more control over what they buy. So today, the new big clients of the pharmaceutical companies are the health plans. They are much more complex and challenging than doctors. That’s why sales teams need to be reoriented.

That means drastically reducing the number of employees going from door to door, to clinics and hospitals. That approach is simply not viable anymore.

Do the huge layoffs mean that the pharma industry has stopped growing? It’s actually the contrary. To keep growing efficiently and sustainably, the industry needed to adapt to the new market trends.

It did so by alleviating corporate structures from the mass of human resources that block the efficient use of time and money.

Featured02 scientist - The 3 Best Tips to Find a Job in Science

The 3 Best Tips to Find a Job in Science

More than a world of research, science is a business in constant growth and innovation. You can be a part of that growth. What you have to do is look for the job that is most suited to you. It can be very hard, but it’s absolutely achievable. Learn how.

Define exactly the type of job you are looking for

find job - The 3 Best Tips to Find a Job in Science

Many science graduates have no clue about the wide variety of jobs they are equipped to perform. Others are aware of that but get completely overwhelmed by the array of possibilities and end up not knowing what to do.

First off, if you wish to take on science research, you need to decide whether you want to do it in academia or in industry. Search about the most important criteria you must consider when evaluating the job conditions. And keep in mind that some of them are non-negotiable.

Are you trained in a specific field or technology? Do you want to stay with your family or get a new house in a different area? Are you willing to work abroad during the time of the year? These are all things you need to ponder beforehand.

Perhaps you want to work in a first-class laboratory and actually like being challenged with the pressure of meeting deadlines. Or maybe you are very interested in a niche field of science with a more relaxed and less competitive atmosphere.

We could write countless articles about the questions you need to ask yourself before starting to look for a job in science. If you don’t answer them, you will get lost. You need to remember that a huge number of professional, personal and family factors go into your decision.

Plan and prioritize. You will see that if you do that, you will have a guiding light to direct you in your job search. Then, you will be able to find a job that fulfills you not only professionally, but also in all the other aspects of life.

Be pro-active and search for information

old newspaper - The 3 Best Tips to Find a Job in Science

To find the best job in science it is crucial that you don’t make assumptions. Talk to professionals in the area and engage in experiences that give you an inside look at specific fields.

Educate yourself with online courses that give you the best insights on areas of science you think could match your skills. Make a plan of who to talk to and what to research. As you go along, you will gradually start to uncover which course of action is the right for you.

Follow the example of experts

successful - The 3 Best Tips to Find a Job in Science

If you start feeling lost, work your way backwards. Think about people whose career paths you would very much like to follow. Then, analyze which skills and decisions led them in their professional journey.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you figure out that most experts in science are more than willing to give guidance to young aspiring professionals.

They do so by sharing their stories, successes, failures and struggles, as well as the pros and cons of their own jobs. Their advice is worth gold.

Try to meet experts on talks or seminars, or contact them online through social media or science forums.

You can be the next young talent driving growth in the always-fascinating business of science!

Featured01 building - The Top 4 Tips to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

The Top 4 Tips to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Social media can have a massive influence on your job search.  Your profile can be the way for you to match your skills with the perfect company. When that happens, individual and business growth ensues for both parties.

Your social media profile

profile picture - The Top 4 Tips to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

You need to make sure that your social media profile clearly states that you are actively looking for a job. You should also provide info on what sector you would like to enter and which role you would like to perform.

Additionally, use the right keywords so that recruiters are easily able to find you on social media.


LinkedIn - The Top 4 Tips to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

When used correctly, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can land you your dream job. Get involved with groups that are related to your business activity. Let them know you are searching for a new opportunity. Post, comment and share in a way that lets you engage with recruiters.

Have the initiative

You can start your own conversations and discussions on social media. Talk to experts and companies about the topics that will allow them to understand you are equipped with information and know-how in their sector.

Separate personal from professional

Updates on your personal life are irrelevant to your job seeking efforts on social media. Particularly on LinkedIn, you should keep it strictly professional. Use networks like Instagram to share your personal content.

Even on networks whose characteristics suit them to be used personally or professionally, such as Facebook and Twitter, you should create separate accounts. One for each of the two purposes.

Apply these four tips and, soon enough, you’ll be contributing to sustained business growth.


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